“Pierce’s stellar highlight was when she and Spilka (Bigelow) talk about what it may be like if they were in love in, “If I Loved You”… proving early on that Carousel included a strong and highly talented cast.”

- Nicole A. Hawley, The Rome Sentinel

“Within all of these well-crafted renditions, it was mezzo-soprano Sun-Ly Pierce in the role of the naive and amorous page Cherubino who gave the most entertaining and well-rounded showing of the entire opera. Ideally cast to play the lovesick puppy in boy's clothing, Pierce sparkled with enduring comedic flair. Vocally, her musical gravitas was anchored in an honest, substantive timbre and light, buoyant phrasing.

Though Pierce has a decidedly lighter tone at this early stage in her career, a comparison to prominent American mezzo Kate Lindsey is appropriate. In an opera industry that always needs singers who can act, one wonders what a wonder Pierce might be as Nicklausse/the Muse in Jacques Offenbach's "The Tales of Hoffmann" or the Composer in Richard Strauss's "Ariadne auf Naxos."”

- Daniel J. Kushner, The Rochester City Newspaper